A Father’s Day Finagling

A Father's Day FinaglingMy boyfriend Tony and I decided to take a walk this morning to stretch our legs and talk through some things on our minds of late. We drove to a park with gorgeous lakeside trails, but the parking lot had more cars than spaces to accommodate them, and a long line of vulture-cars waiting to swoop in. So much for that. We left, pondering our options, then decided to return home and set out on foot for an urban hike instead, exploring some new neighborhoods in the process. After a few blocks, we started to relax and really get in the flow. At each junction we simply knew, without need for deliberation, which direction to turn or how long to linger. We stopped in a playground to try out the monkey bars, seesaws, and slides and became kids again, immersed in the pure unadulterated fun of the present moment.

While ogling exotic succulents and redwood trees on a particular avenue, something purple caught my eye. Closing in on it, I recognized it as a spiffy new iPhone laying on the ground. My man picked up the girly gadget, and since the screen wasn’t locked, started calling people in the recent calls list. How else do you track down the owner? He made several unsuccessful attempts to reach a live human, then got inspired to open the contacts list and quickly located an entry labeled “Dad.” Ah, yes, that oughta do it.

The phone owner’s Dad answered and seemed slightly confused as my boyfriend explained the situation. But before he could finish giving the man his contact information, a young woman suddenly appeared around the bend. “Did you guys find an iPhone?”

“Oh, never mind, we found her!” Tony smiled and handed her the phone, explaining that her Dad was on the line. She looked mortified and told us she hadn’t spoken to her father in 13 years. She gave us each a hug, then walked away, greatly relieved while speaking tentatively into a little purple rectangle. And we walked the other way, marveling at what a well-oiled machine this universe is.

When you realize you’ve just inadvertently (at least, to your conscious mind) become a cooperative component to somebody else’s desires manifesting, it’s a potent reminder that many other people—including people you haven’t met—are going to be enlisted as cooperative components to YOUR desires manifesting. And it always benefits both parties in some way.

There is always a benevolent master plan working behind the scenes, despite the fact that our human minds usually can’t see the blueprint until after the building’s fully constructed. There is no need to resist, to experience disappointment or disapproval of what happens in Life. Allow the plot to unfurl! Then Higher Mind is free to run the show… and make light-work of it all.

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    Great story!

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    One never knows… do one?